Letters to the Editor

Winer letter: Health care

Don’t you wonder why not a single Idaho major provider of medical or support services for women, children, the homeless, or people with mental illness, disabilities, or addictions supports the proposed health care plans being voted on in Congress? This includes private, for profit, nonprofit, charitable, and volunteer services. Don’t you wonder why not one of our members of Congress has provided any details of how these proposed health plans will benefit the residents of Idaho in terms of increased access and affordability? Don’t you wonder why they think they represent your best interests? Do you have any ideas as to how to provide Idaho funding for these services when the federal support decreases or goes away entirely? Do you have any concern for the quality of life available to the many Idaho citizens who need these services?

If you care, contact our members of Congress. Ask them important questions. Demand answers. Tell them what you think. And most of all, remember their votes on these critical issues and hold them accountable to you, a very important person who they are supposed to be representing in Washington.

Kenneth S. Winer, Boise