Letters to the Editor

Erskine letter: Health care

Congress should focus on fixing the PPACA (Obamacare) with steps like restoring funded risk corridors to revitalize the private insurer market. Even though I am now on Medicare and had always been on an employer sponsored health care program from the late 1960s I am not blind to the draconian features of the proposed Senate AHCA that rewards the wealthy at the expense of the old and poor, let alone crippling the health safety net called Medicaid. One cannot believe that poor states such as Idaho have the resources to provide the necessary funds to care for the disabled and destitute. I don’t believe we are ideological zombies, unable to see both sides of a situation. Can the richest country in the world continue to turn its back on its old and its poor? Can we find our way to prevent bankruptcy caused by medical bills and provide humane health care for all Americans? Cost control is an important issue to work on but the best way to reduce your dog food expense may not be “kill the dog.”

Scott Erskine, Boise