Letters to the Editor

Butler letter: Composting

Before I start complaining about something, I want you to know I was born and raised in Idaho — lived in Boise since 1951. I am not a “transplant” who moved here and wants to start changing the very things that make Idaho a desirable place to live. My complaint today is the way the composting collection was set up. To be required to call if you do not want the service is ridiculous. If you want a service, you sign up for it. I didn’t have to notify the phone companies, cable TV, etc. that I didn’t choose that I didn’t want their service. To have to call to refuse something you have no use for and be billed extra for someone to skip picking up a container is just stupid. We are in our 80s. Our lawns are mowed and trees trimmed by a lawn service (that I chose) that recycles. No kitchen compost to speak of. Does Eagle and Meridian participate in this? If not, why not? Our “tight jeans” (yuck) governor and “Streetcar” mayor need to do what works for Boise — we are not Portland or Seattle.

Doris Butler, Boise