Letters to the Editor

Peterson letter: Donald Trump

Take an infinite number of monkeys with heads full of bad wiring, lock them in a White House bathroom at 4 a.m. with an infinite number of Twitter accounts and they will bring forth not “Hamlet,” but “Covfefe.”

It’s this kind of wasteful government that President T abhors. To prove his resolve, he has taken on the job of White House crazy monkey himself.

Mindful of private sector crazy monkey jobs, he campaigned to eliminate needless crazy monkey regulations, and erase the crazy monkey deficit with foreign competitors.

Some say, “crazy monkey business is inefficient and environmentally dirty.”

“Sad,” tweets the Big T.

As America becomes more crazy monkey independent, the wealth generated by big monkey will more than make up the cost of super monkey site clean-up and a few “spills.”

When “The Donald” applies these crazy monkey solutions to immigration, health care and Wall Street, not to mention air traffic control and the Pentagon, we will be able to hold our collective head high and proclaim proudly “Covfefe now, covfefe tomorrow, covfefe forever.”

If we get behind “The Trumpster” and push together, the world will know we have the biggest, bestest, craziest monkey of them all.

God bless America.

Burt Peterson, Meridian