Letters to the Editor

Henkins letter: Railway travel

Railway travel in Idaho would be a viable and economical alternate means of transportation for Idahoans and would bring additional benefits including economic prosperity and create jobs for Idaho. Railway travel could be appropriated by having a public railway system implemented using what Idaho already has available, like our own train using the Union Pacific train rails, to implement railway service from Caldwell, Nampa, Meridian, Boise, through to Salt Lake City. Then Idaho passengers could hook up with the Amtrak train service in SLC for connecting routes to other cities. This Idaho Public Railway system could be used as a startup to generate ridership and interest, and help further expand more business rail service choices, including more areas for railway travel in the future. A major key point would be train travel scheduling. Idaho would be in charge of the train service scheduling. This is important because inadequate scheduling is the reason for previous train travel failure in Idaho. Federal appropriations might be used as part of an infrastructure development plan for a railway travel option. Suggestion: If you want railway travel in Idaho, contact all of your state and congressional representatives to propose railway travel for Idaho.

Sherla Henkins, Boise