Letters to the Editor

Kandle letter: Parking meters

The new parking meters in downtown Boise are seriously flawed. From the street some say “4 Hour Max.” A reasonable person would assume that they could park there for three hours without restrictions. Not the case. These meters will correctly apply cash for only two hours of parking. They will accept as much cash as you are willing to put in, but the time shown on the meter will not change once it reaches two hours. The first time I encountered one of these meters I assumed the meter was broken. The second time I thought they were all programmed incorrectly. I called the city to report faulty meters. They are working exactly as the city desires them to operate. To get more than two hours you must first register with a company online and provide a method of payment and use your smartphone to pay. Only then can you actually use the parking space for the time clearly marked on the meter. Boise should either change the meters so that you can actually pay cash for the clearly stated maximum time, or they should label the meters as “2 Hour Max.”

Douglas Kandle, Boise