Letters to the Editor

Miller letter: Composting

It remains to be seen if Boise’s composting plan will ultimately be a beneficial success, given its rocky start. The Bieter “cram-it-down-their-throats” approach is disgusting and certainly has a lot of folks irritated. It definitely raises a lot of questions — Why no City-wide referendum? Why not start with a “Voluntary” program (folks already composting privately wouldn’t be disenfranchised)? If the program, as originally announced, was intended to offset maintenance costs in City parks and golf courses, as well as creating public and commercial sales opportunities, why wasn’t the program structured to “pay its own way?”

The biggest debacle of this whole mess is the fraudulent billing of services and rentals before actual delivery of equipment and providing of services — it’s disingenuous, deceitful, and deplorable, as well as downright dishonest. Since the City has a projected “roll out schedule” (https://curbit.cityofboise.org/composting/compost-delivery-map), it would be more forthright and honest if all program rental and service charges were pro-rated based upon that schedule. If the City’s IT Department isn’t smart enough to figure that out, then I would suggest that we may need a major overhaul, with wholesale changes, of City Hall.

Let’s get this fixed, and do it right.

James Miller, Boise