Letters to the Editor

Jones letter: Donald Trump

Democratic hunting dogs are barking up the wrong tree in an effort to prove Donald Trump entered into a conspiracy with Russia to get him elected. As the president continues to self-destruct, they should patiently wait for prosecutor Robert Mueller to complete his job.

It is doubtful Trump and his hand-picked keystone cops entered into a criminal conspiracy with the Russians. As FBI Director James Comey correctly concluded in his investigation of Hillary’s e-mails, absent evidence of clear criminal intent, ignorance and arrogance aren’t prosecutable offenses.

Democrats should drop premature calls for impeachment and stick to the known facts: It was un-American and immoral for Trump to become a cheerleader for Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. His continuing love affair with Putin and distrust of our own trusted pillars of democracy are inexcusable.

Trump probably did encourage members of his team to tell Russians a new sheriff in town would eliminate Obama’s nasty sanctions. This “great in his own mind” master negotiator naively expected to charm Putin into abandoning Syria and becoming America’s best new friend.

Trump Towers popping up across Russia and release of the president’s tax returns could solve the mystery without a grant of immunity.

Alston Jones, Boise