Letters to the Editor

Turner letter: Support F-35 mission

As president for the Nampa Association of Realtors for 2017, my board of directors and myself would like to put our support behind bringing the F-35’s to Gowen Field. As Realtors that work all over the Treasure Valley, we know what an impact the Idaho Air National Guard has on our communities. The men and women of the Air Guard are hardworking, upstanding citizens, just the type of neighbors most people want. As a Realtor I understand homeowners’ concerns. Property values could go down, however if we lose the Air Guard, the economic impact of that, could ripple through our economy and drive down values much further. We would lose a number of jobs that help support the Guard, and possibly guard members that work full time at other jobs, who might have to move out of the Treasure Valley to find new jobs closer to their new bases, and as all of us know from the Great Recession, when there is no work to be found around here, our home prices dropped dramatically. It is all (supply and demand), when there are more houses on the market for sale than buyers, supply goes up and prices go down.

Tom Turner, Nampa