Letters to the Editor

Savino letter: Jealous journalism

Jealous journalism.... For 45 years I was baptized in the radio/TV and cable industry. Ran my own advertising media placement business for 8-9 years; worked for large corporate broadcast/local client business owners like Coca-Cola, Ford, Pizza Hut, Honda, Domino’s and Subway in Hawaii.

It dawned on me why the entire fake news of CNN, MSNBC employees are so upset with Trump. Every single minute of every day he’s attacked. He gets more free fake news than all others combined. But why?

Well he’s richer than the 44 other presidents combined. More successful than all Republican and Democrat senators/congressman. He’s done and accomplished more and given more to charity/taxes than all of them combines. It’s so obvious. They’re jealous, envious, covetous, and resentful. They love his money ... hate their own. Average liberal news analysts, reporters, contributors, anchors? Just poor jealous Democrat voters. Average salary is $44,360 up to $129,380. Only the big names average $5 to $12 million annually.

Next time you watch cable news and the other crybaby Trump attackers remember this: he’s laughing; he’s tweeting; he’s loving and fixing America; he’s working for nothing ... and so are they.

Dano Savino, Nampa