Letters to the Editor

McCarthy letter: Vietnam War

Fifty years after the Summer of Love emerges the Summer of Death.

Truman Doctrine, SEATO, Domino Theory, Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, and malevolent Vietnam War: psychotic.

Republicans twice elected Nixon (1968, 1972), who treasonably negotiated with North Vietnam, while manic-depressive LBJ had (apparently) bombed Hanoi into peace talks.

Dead: 22,000 more American sacrificial sons/daughters and hundreds of thousands more Southeast Asians after 1968.

Idahoan Bill Olsen, my wonderful angling companion, died of fragmentary wounds, Biên Hòa Province, Vietnam, 1968. One of 22,000 Nixon war crimes just related to Americans.

Who ponies up, Republicans? Nixon wasn’t indicted for war crimes. He was even pardoned for creating a constitutional crisis regarding Watergate.

You Republicans never took responsibility for playing a key role in my dear friend’s unnecessary death. Yes, some of you may have suffered grave losses regarding the Vietnam War.

But I’ll bet my grocery money you swallowed your anger and rage about losses. You took one for faux patriotism.

Moreover, I’ll bet my soda change you still think the Vietnam War was winnable.

You never got it, Republicans. You still don’t get it, since you elected another Nixon in Trump.

That F100 closing overhead carries a napalm splash. Danse Macabre … Republicans.

Patrick McCarthy, Ph.D., USAF, Vietnam War, Boise