Letters to the Editor

Wesche letter: Trump’s agenda

The greatest concern for our nation isn’t Trump’s narcissism and incompetence but his agenda. His proposals, supported by Ryan, McConnell, ultra-regressive pseudo “Republicans” and self-appointed “evangelical” leaders who neither represent Christ nor reflect his teachings, would be a disaster to our economy and to all but the wealthy. His health care proposal increases costs and denies coverage to millions; his tax “reform” will burden the middle class and reduce taxes for the wealthy; his support for the needy — single parents, elderly, poor, handicapped and others — will increase poverty; his military budget and immigration proposals will be costly with no benefit, his anti-Muslim “travel ban” is actually anti-American; his personal investments — hidden through his family — line his pockets with millions at the expense of taxpayers; his jobs program has failed to increase domestic employment, his attitude toward environmental concerns will increase water and air pollution and demonstrates overwhelming ignorance, his foreign policy has isolated us from the free world, his cozying up to totalitarian nations has created distrust of us by our friends and encouraged oligarchical government. Trump supporters claim those who oppose him obstruct his agenda. For the good of our future, let’s hope the opposition succeeds.

Lilburn Wesche, Boise