Letters to the Editor

Nations letter: Get Trump

Like the 1995 hit comedy “Get Shorty” starring John Travolta and Danny Devito, with its muddled plot and zany characters, there is an equally outrageous alternate reality comedy being played out today by some zany Dems and the mainstream media to “Get Trump.” Leaks, unmasking and made-up stories are behind a false conspiracy of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign. Both the NY Times and Washington Post reported that FBI director Comey was fired days after asking for additional funding for the Russia investigation. However, this was dispelled by the acting FBI director in testimony that no such request was ever made, and that the investigation was well funded. The president’s son-in-law came “under scrutiny” for allegedly proposing back-channel communications with Russia even though these communications are common among nations, and can be critical in crises. Then, Comey’s testimony revealed that Trump was never under investigation. Comey became his own “Deep Throat” character by leaking privileged memos of conversations with the president. This near rabid effort to prove a Trump/Russia collusion still bears no evidence. The next act will unveil a charge of obstruction of justice based on “hope” as in “I hope we can let this go.”

Charlie Nations, Eagle