Letters to the Editor

Treharne letter: Ron Crane

Let’s see if I have this right. Ron Crane, our treasurer, has made some investments that have lost the state some money, in one case $10 million. His not seeking bids for companies to sell our offerings are costing us more money than other states. A financial expert that sits on an oversight commission of the treasurer says changes need to be made. Makes sense. Then I read that the chairman of the committee is Mr. Crane himself. Are you kidding me? He says he doesn’t agree with the findings so he has no plans to call a meeting of the committee. You politicians wonder why we don’t like or trust you and the way you handle our affairs? Anyone with brains knows not to “put the fox in charge of the hen house.” Oh, I forgot, we’re talking about politicians here, enough said. I’m glad I never ran my business like these people.

John Treharne, Boise