Letters to the Editor

Schenk letter: Idaho lands

The opinion piece from Rick Johnson of the Idaho Conservation League was almost spot-on. Idahoans do care for our land and don’t really want outside influence. Mr. Johnson was speaking specifically to the visit of Interior Secretary Zinke and Agriculture Secretary Perdue, and how it isn’t really about politics. Perhaps Mr. Johnson can use his influence to keep environmental NGOs such as the Center for Biological Diversity from clogging up the courts here in Idaho and elsewhere. These sue & settle “environmental” groups are in it to win it, and care nothing for the communities or the states they file lawsuits in. A person of Rick Johnson’s stature could also let these people and groups know they are welcome here, and also, that we know best how to take care for our environment and don’t need them and their lawsuits clogging our court systems primarily for their own benefit. This would be a refreshing change from the hyperbole that comes from these groups. Yes, Idaho is special, and yes, you’re welcome to come, and yes, please mind your own business and let us run the state and our lands our way.

Andrew Schenk, Boise