Letters to the Editor

Ferrell letter: The Swamp

Although my political views are slightly left of center and I’m proud to say I didn’t vote for Trump, I did admire him for one of the promises made during his campaign. “Clean the Swamp” was one of his battle cries that I think most every American supported. I was quickly dumbfounded that some of his initial selections for Cabinet members and advisers were more like reptilian swamp dwellers than admirable leaders. The “Swamp” appeared to be deepening. I think the Justice Department will get rid of the worst of these sordid swamp dwellers, and after so many faux pas by Trump, the swamp will soon be half drained. Those Republican senators and representatives who have blindly supported a flawed political agenda and have shirked their responsibility to represent their constituents will soon be looking for new jobs. Who would have thought that Trump would use his presidential powers to first dismantle the Republican Party before draining the rest of the swamp? I hope he will go after the lobbyists and their legalized bribery, and the rest of the Congress members that accept these “bribes,” so we can get back to doing the country’s business.

John Ferrell, Boise