Letters to the Editor

Landers letter: Medical marijuana

I watched my mom suffer in pain and no medication helped her. She was miserable and I think medical marijuana would have helped her because I tried everything on her and it didn’t work. She died a horrible death and I wonder maybe if that would have helped. I worked in health care and I saw patients suffer and in constant pain. Nobody should have to suffer. I had a cousin who died from cancer and a friend as well. I think medical marijuana could work and ease the suffering and I truly believe it would make a difference, but there are a lot of naysayers who will say no. I want you naysayers to picture yourself in the worst pain that is possible and that you can’t bare it, no medication will help, you can’t eat, but most of all the pain doesn’t go away. So wouldn’t it be better if there was something that would ease the pain? Who are we to decide because we are not God, nor do we have the right to decide someone else’s life because it is unfair and unjust for people to suffer.

John Landers, Wilder