Letters to the Editor

Hull letter: Donald Trump

Enough is enough. Melvin Hale of Sweet is the latest of the Trump rabble to vilify anyone who doesn’t subscribe to the racist hate-mongering of the current man who occupies our White House. The ignorance and intolerance in Hale’s letter is mind-boggling. He screams about “left-wing atrocities” without naming any, and his disdain for Obama is plain to see. People like Hale believe anything they’re told by the right-wing hate machine. Let me try to set Mr. Hale straight. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, hate crimes in this country have exploded since Trump’s inauguration, largely due to the fact that they have one of theirs in the White House who condones their vicious hatred. He suggests “eliminating” journalists and professors he doesn’t agree with. The recent murders of two men in Portland by a crazy racist because they had the temerity to defend two helpless girls provoked the tepid response from Trump that they were “unacceptable.” Where was the outrage? There wasn’t any on Trump’s part because that murdering scum is part of his base. You speak of “revolution”? If you believe Trump’s rabble comprise a majority of Americans, then you’re as delusional as your hero. Melvin can con himself into believing this opposition is about losing the election. It’s about the Constitution, and a total lack of understanding of it.

Keith Hull, Garden Valley