Letters to the Editor

Stevens letter: Donald Trump

I don’t understand why some Idaho voters continue supporting Trump, after all the falsehoods and misleading statements he’s made. He said he’d “remove and replace” ObamaCare in 30 days. Not only is it still with us, but the “replacement” he rammed through the House will, if enacted, leave about 22-24 million people without health insurance coverage, according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). Trump promised he’d have affordable health insurance for all Americans. If you are one of those 22-24 million people who won’t have health insurance, blame Trump.

He praises Russia and denounces our allies. Russia is glad to have NATO shrivel and die. Trump’s daughter has shoes produced in Russia — why not give those jobs to Americans, as Trump promised?

Investigators of Russia’s sabotaging our elections are getting awfully close to Trump himself. Trump is scared. Why hasn’t he released his tax records to the American people? Reason — there are many bad things in those tax returns that he is afraid for the American public to find out — much of it about Russia.

He said he’d “eliminate” government waste. Each roundtrip to his Florida retreat costs American taxpayers $3 million ... that’s really big waste. But if Trump does it, it’s OK.

Jack Stevens, Boise