Letters to the Editor

Connors letter: F-35 mission

The next big thing — I’m proud to be part of an organization that’s about getting big things done for our Valley. Our current big thing is trying to land an F-35 mission to retain our coveted National Guard base for years to come. We’ve articulated the obvious economic development benefits of such a project. In recent years your local Chamber has spent lots of time and resource advocating for other big things for our Valley. With other progressively minded groups we pushed for a new community college (CWI), the creation and expansion of a downtown Convention Center, the I-84 corridor expansion and widening, Boise Airport terminal and parking expansions, the expansion and retention of St. Luke’s downtown hospital campus, a new downtown stadium project, and now an F-35 mission for Gowen Field. Every one of these projects had lots of organized opposition. We’d bet most Valley folks are happy about these projects, but big things don’t happen without the positive energy of our citizens and leaders. Please join this current big effort to keep Gowen on this nation’s active list for decades to come. Without a flying mission like the F-35, we might lose one of the Valley’s biggest assets.

Bill Connors, Boise