Letters to the Editor

Conde letter: F-35 mission

As a kid, I spent countless hours with Grandpa and Dad watching old war movies. This past Memorial Day weekend, I was reminded of those old black and whites when I heard the thundering roar of B-17s over Boise. Looking up at the Flying Fortress, my thoughts turned to Gowen Field, and the possibility of an F-35 mission coming our way. Noise from the planes doesn’t bother me — it reminds me of the important work our military does and the positive effect a new mission would have on our valley.

Keeping Guard families here and valuing the service they provide is important and patriotic. The economic stakes if Gowen Field does not get a new mission would be immense, since, among other economic factors, the Idaho National Guard is the state’s fourth largest employer.

Talking with Grandpa about old planes leads to talking about the new ones. I can’t imagine telling him that there is opposition because of 20 minutes of noise on weekdays. There’s more to consider than the sound of aircraft.

Let’s support our service men and women, but also show support for the economic vitality of our community. Getting the mission would be a victory.

Hollie Conde, Boise