Letters to the Editor

Sciales letter: F-35 mission

I’ve been reading all the complaints about Gowen Field and the F-35 mission. Clearly getting this mission would be important to our state, and homeowners, despite knowing there was an airport near where they purchased their houses, do have some legitimate concerns about the noise generated for the one or two minutes during takeoffs. I believe an intelligent solution is the one worked out at Heathrow Airport, in London, England. Airport authorities there simply provided triple-glazed windows for homeowners impacted by the noise of aircraft departing. I’ve stayed in hotels at the airport and was impressed with the sound-deafening qualities that triple glazing provides. Why can’t Boise Airport follow that lead? The cost is minimal when compared to the loss of a mission to Gowen Field, and provides an intelligent compromise vastly superior to an “all or nothing” approach.

Mike Sciales, Boise