Letters to the Editor

Paige letter: Vote by mail

An excellent way to better serve postal customers would be to implement a nationwide vote-by-mail system. Idaho currently has an absentee ballot system to make it more convenient for voters.

Voting by mail has many advantages over traditional polling: It is cost effective, it has increased in participation of voters, it is easier for election officials to conduct, allows for a more accurate picture of eligible voters by keeping voting lists up-to-date, and it gives voters a longer opportunity to study ballots to find answers to questions. It also makes voting more accessible for working, disabled Americans and senior citizens.

Oregon currently has a “tried and true” vote-by-mail system where voters may drop off their ballots without paying postage, if they desire. In an Oregon all-mail 1996 Senate special election, even though 1.8 million ballots were cast in this hard-fought, highly partisan contest, not a single complaint (of fraud) surfaced. In fact, during the 15 years Oregon has held mail elections, only one case of fraud has been prosecuted.

Let’s make voting represent the voice of more Americans.

John Paige, president, Idaho State Association of Letter Carriers