Letters to the Editor

MacGuffie letter: Faith healing law

Having recently moved to Idaho, I knew there would be cultural practices unique to the Gem State. I was quite surprised, however, to learn that parents have the right to refuse life-saving medical treatment for their children, allowing them to die from very treatable medical conditions. It’s simply unconscionable that the state of Idaho would allow, even sanction, what would be called felony child endangerment in almost every other state in the union. Culture shock.

Worse yet, is when the Idaho Legislature had the opportunity to right this wrong — a collective decision was made to turn a blind eye on a practice more suited for the dark ages then the 21st century.

The soul of society is often reflected in how it treats its most vulnerable members. Sadly, when it comes to children’s health in the Gem State, Idaho cast a long, dark shadow.

Canyon County Sheriff Kieran Donahue deserves much credit for exposing this issue and the lack of movement by the Legislature for what can only be termed as: State-sanctioned child abuse.

Mike MacGuffie, Boise