Letters to the Editor

Bianchetti letter: Donald Trump

Well I see that Trump is at it again, like making a fool out of himself with his tour to the Middle East and the Summit. This man could inflate a hot air balloon with his misleading remarks ... you name it. And now it is a “family affair” with his son-in-law following the same path to destruction of our very democracy. I tell you, the founding fathers must be turning in their graves. My only hope is that he gets impeached before the end of the year. And his “staff” standing by are either too afraid to stand up to him or don’t have the guts to do what is right for the people ... like you and me. This land was built on freedom, not on dictatorship. Don’t dye your hair anymore Donald. It’s seeping into your brain too much. And grow up. My cats can do a better job running the White House. It’s time we stand up and get this man and his cronies out of there and get a real person who will lead us into the right direction instead of war against us. Nothing like going to hell in a handbasket because of him.

Karen Bianchetti, Boise