Letters to the Editor

Smith letter: James Comey

James Comey, along with others, during this administration had no business being fired. President Obama had hired him, and he was the most honest of all FBI investigators there had been.

The main reason that he was “let go” was because he was just about to disclose the truth about Russia and our president. That would really make news, wouldn’t it? I think most people would really agree with me.

Also the president said that Comey had better not make known what those tapes disclosed either, and to me that means a really big threat.

The USA should have been very proud of this honest and decent man to have been head of the FBI. Very nicely dressed, very nice looking, never made fun of people and I believe very honest, which I can say is more than a lot of people in our government are today. I could write more, but my hands hurt a lot, so I will close, and hope and pray justice will be done — soon.

Barbara Smith, Boise