Letters to the Editor

Oliver letter: Mike Crapo and methane vote

Recently, senators from both sides of the aisle came together and voted in favor of keeping a common sense BLM rule regulating methane. The rule is simple: it conserves natural gas while also cutting harmful emissions. It was encouraging to see that common sense ruled the day in Washington.

Less encouraging is that Idaho voted against common sense and public good. Senator Mike Crapo voted to scrap the rule, preferring instead that there be no limit on wasted natural gas and allowing the natural gas industry to self-regulate. This rule only applies to federal public land, meaning the natural gas belongs to all of us. Why would Crapo vote against the interests of Idahoans?

Tellingly, the natural gas industry is an important campaign contributor to Crapo — an industry, mind you, that has barely any presence whatsoever in Idaho.

This isn’t hard to figure out. Crapo’s vote clearly favored the industry writing him checks, not the people he was elected to represent. Many senators on both sides of the aisle stood up for their citizens, but not ours. The natural gas industry today, what else tomorrow? What will it take for Crapo to put Idahoans over campaign money?

Eric Oliver, Boise