Letters to the Editor

Morgan letter: Low-income housing

We really really need more liberal zoning laws in Boise. Tiny houses are a reality of the near future whether our gentrifying wants to recognize it or not. Too many people are without housing in our area and too many are on the cusp of losing their housing.

Rents in our town are for the middle classes and above. If you have a low-income rent, you don’t give it up because you quickly become aware that you won’t find anything — anything at all. A friend tried to sublet her $775 one-bedroom apartment and went through eight people who wanted it but couldn’t qualify.

Homeless people who want housing deserve a place to live, and it doesn’t need to be the government’s responsibility. Many nonprofits would like to help provide housing if the zoning laws were relaxed. And nonprofits can build for far less and far faster than government can.

The local media has published several articles about the plight of those in need of housing. Yet there is very little response from government. Most of the help comes in the form of band aids — not solutions.

There are solutions if we were open, imaginative, compassionate and visionary.

Lois Morgan, Boise