Letters to the Editor

Boozel letter: Our country

As a fellow American and Idahoan, the patriot in me has a broken heart. Social media continues to be flooded with memes that make us attack and divide each other. A circus plays out on the national stage while true concerns get ignored.

I’ll be honest, I care about Russia, kind of. I care about the follies of the White House, kind of. What I truly care about, however, is the health of the country, which begins with the strength of its citizens. This strength is being eroded every day. Because of the constant siphoning from the public treasury to pay for corporate reinvestment wealth, which benefits only a few, local productive wealth suffers. We must ask ourselves how much time and money is wasted every day as poorly funded roads and public works drag on endlessly.

While the current administration elected by a minority continues to empower corporate Islam and the agenda of the Koch Brothers, several crucial questions remain. What has the White House done for small-business productive wealth? What has it done for the working poor and middle class it promised so much to? When will the circus stop and the business begin?

Richard Boozel, Star