Letters to the Editor

Carpenter letter: F-35 noise

Regarding Henry Ahrens’ letter about F-35 noise.

I’m inclined to support the F-35 at Gowen Field. Yes, they might be noisy, but you know what? We don’t know that yet, and the airport and Guard were there when I bought my home, and I knew it.

I think a “test drive” is a great idea, but I don’t care much for the NIMBY crowd that is opposed to the F-35 before they know what it’s about.

As for “why bring a supersonic jet to the middle of a metropolitan area”... F-18s are flying around here all the time. The military pilots coming in and out of Gowen won’t be breaking the sound barrier over Boise any more with F-35s than they do with F-18s, as in “doesn’t happen.” There are noise abatement rules in effect for all planes going in and out of Gowen, and F-35 will not be flying on afterburner over our homes. There is no need for scare tactics in a debate of facts.

Marc Carpenter, Boise