Letters to the Editor

Silva letter: Accurate news

With the news being so one sided and not accurate, this is the first time I look forward to the commercials. Normally I dislike commercials, especially during a good movie, but I have to say with the garbage being blasted by the news channels every day, I wonder where these reporters got their education.

Most of the time they profess to know what happened in the world and when it comes time to back it up they run and hide. Maybe it is because we have such new technology that when a reporter thinks something happened to get an exclusive, they blast it out with no facts to support it.

Where are the editors today? Is it so important to put a story out without checking the facts? So called free speech is turning into a game of whether it is right or wrong, they have to say “Exclusive breaking news just in and we are the first station to report it.”

Being first is not important if you are wrong.

Gotta run to the doctor’s right now and check to see if I have mesothileoma. Also I think there is a mattress sale this week.

Dave Silva, Boise