Letters to the Editor

Seehusen letter: Jim Risch

Regarding Jim Risch’s interviews:

I just want Senator Risch to know we have his back. I heard two of his three recent TV interviews, and agree with him 100 percent.

The swamp has many treasonous leakers, while President Trump continues to focus on his positive, forward-looking agenda.

The media has a leftist mindset and its agenda is to create a negative result suitable to the “resistance.”

Many people are still living in the post-cold war era, while President Trump is attempting to build new alliances in the Mideast, with China, and potentially with Russia. We will not know about them until they are announced. That is the skill of a deal maker as is being friendly with those with whom you negotiate.

It takes political courage to fly into the eye of a hurricane. Thanks for your civility, Jim Risch. You have a tough job, and you are appreciated.

Don Seehusen, Boise