Letters to the Editor

Hale letter: Media

I am sick and tired of picking up the newspaper or turning on the news and someone from the left wing is spreading hate, venom, lies and attacking our president and his family. My family and all Americans who voted for him take this quite personally so we won’t shut up. These left wing atrocities, with Obama’s blessing to overthrow the Trump Administration, are nothing short of treason and fan the flames of revolution. The whole lot should be locked up. Obama has definitely fulfilled his legacy to divide this nation.

Eight years of left wing socialism and Obama’s jihad against America and our Constitution is enough. We Americans need to make the country great again. The elimination of a few biased fake news journalists, from the left, and socialist professors in our liberal universities who are poisoning our youth and this country, would be a good start.

Give Trump a chance. He’s a breath of fresh air compared to the silver-tongued activist from Chicago and lying Hillary era we just suffered through.

Yes, I am bitter. I am also just plain mad and tired of this, and constant attacks by a bunch of left wing losers.

Melvin Hale, Sweet