Letters to the Editor

Gibson letter: Donald Trump

It is time for the grown-ups in Washington to do some parenting. Our incompetent president has shown that he is incapable of executing the duties of his office. He has no understanding of the basic principles on which a democratic nation functions — respect for the law, division of powers among the three branches, freedom of press, right to free speech, etc. This is coupled with a clear disregard for the truth, an inability to acknowledge mistakes and learn from them, and total lack of understanding of his own limitations.

So, it is time for the leadership of Congress (Democratic and Republican) to go the White House and have a “come to Jesus” meeting with Trump. He must be brought into line. He needs a babysitter.

I remind our Congressional representatives that Donald Trump is our employee. He works for the American people. We have hired you to act on our behalf. It is time to deal with Trump in a way that he should understand. He is not doing his job. If he cannot turn it around in very short order, the only option is to say to him, as he has said to so many others, “You’re Fired.”

Patrick Gibson, Garden City