Letters to the Editor

Churchill letter: Net neutrality

Many left-leaning groups in our country never increased government regulation they didn’t like. This is also true of the term “net neutrality.”

One of these groups is using intimidation and invasion of personal privacy (against the current FCC chairman) to try and convince us that reversal of the Obama-instituted “net neutrality” rules is bad. The selling point relies partly on the assumption that, how could one ever be against “net neutrality.” Sounds good, doesn’t it?

What Obama actually did was suggest to the FCC, a supposedly independent agency, that they write a new set of rules that would regulate the Internet like a public utility. This upset 20 years or more of precedent and reduced or at least slowed down public/private investment in our broadband networks.

And, by the way, it increased government regulation, with higher costs for broadband companies, which you will have to pay, and higher costs for more government bureaucrats, which you will also have to pay. This distracts resources from other sorely needed government programs, some of which are favorites of these very same groups.

Dave Churchill, Boise