Letters to the Editor

Chaney letter: AHCA

Congressman Mike Simpson now says he would not have voted for the AHCA if he thought it might become law. Nice way to straddle the fence.

There’s no question the AHCA would be worse than the ACA. Yes, the ACA has problems, mainly for lack of a public option and the Supreme Court allowing states to opt out of Medicaid expansion. Republicans could greatly improve the ACA by working on a fix for those two problems, but they’re too busy pandering to the Obama-haters to work constructively. The only way the AHCA would reduce premiums is by lowering health care protections to the American people. And it’s no secret that savings gained by reducing health protections for Americans will be used to fund tax cuts to the wealthy. Unbelievable. But under Donald Trump, believe it.

As demonstrated by most non-Third World countries in the world, a single payer system is the most effective way to provide quality health care to a population at reasonable cost. Are there trade-offs? Yes. Is it a perfect solution? Of course not, but it’s so much better than what Americans have had to deal with for the past 30 years that it begs to be seriously considered.

Charlotte Chaney, Boise