Letters to the Editor

Bartholomew letter: F-35 noise

I am absolutely against bringing the F-35s to Gowen Field. These are extremely loud aircraft. I happen to live in the path of the Boise Airport and Gowen Field. When some of the current aircraft go over the house you can’t hear the TV. If you are outside and they fly over, you can’t hear a conversation when you are standing next to a person. When they ran “night missions” a year or so ago, it would make you sit straight up in bed in the middle of the night when the jets put the “pedal to the metal” over town. These aircraft belong a long ways outside of any urban/suburban area. I’m sorry about any lost jobs, but I don’t think these planes belong in Boise — maybe Mountain Home that’s closer to the desert. But I would expect the addition of these aircraft would significantly lower my home value. Boise is not a good choice.

Bob Bartholomew, Boise