Letters to the Editor

Speer letter: Independent investigation

Our democracy is under siege. Political discord, partisan acrimony, and mistrust have us shouting down those with whom we disagree. Let us unite as one voice to encourage our elected representatives to do what is best for our country but perhaps ideologically uncomfortable. Strict partisanship in the face of today’s challenges will solve nothing. For the sake of transparency, let us advocate for the appointment of an independent, non-partisan investigation council to oversee the role that Russia may have played in our political process. The seeds of mistrust have been deeply sown by both political parties. Unfortunately, this mistrust has intensified with the firing of FBI Director James Comey. Facts must prevail. Time and, in the worst case, the courts may judge the actions of a few individuals while history will judge our actions as a nation. Did we stand by our democratic ideals or hide behind our partisan ideologies? To help regain trust, let us call out for the appointment of a strong, independent council to determine to what extent Russia may have interfered in our elections and was collusion involved. Let the facts fall where they may.

Note: Former FBI Director Robert Mueller was chosen by the Justice Department to serve as special counsel in the Russian probe.

Stephan Speer, Coeur d’Alene