Letters to the Editor

Civiello letter: Democrats

I’m surprised the steps of the state Capitol aren’t worn away from the pounding they’ve taken by the Democrats clamoring for victimization of themselves and the United States. At the same time they instantly vilify everything Republicans think, say or do as the cause for the impending demise of western civilization.

It must be fun to be a Democrat because you can say anything you want and take any Republican idea to some ridiculous conclusion and get massive press coverage for it. There is nothing Democrats like except their own one word put-down soundbites.

How it is possible to be a 100 percent sycophant for any political party is beyond me. I suppose it saves a lot of personal reflection and thinking while allowing flawed human organizations to form a person’s world view.

Nancy (“We won’t know what’s in it until we pass it.”) Pelosi is a main purveyor for this dogmatical thinking. Hillary (“Whatever the polls say is my platform.”) Clinton was to be the Gaea of the United States.

But I suppose the Democrats can’t really be blamed for their ignorance: they just don’t understand that a coerced utopia can’t exist anywhere.

Michael Civiello, Boise