Letters to the Editor

Chilson letter: Dogs

Recently we were walking our small dog when two large dogs ran out and attacked her, biting her head and neck. It tore a hole in her trachea and in seconds her body swelled up to twice her size. We rushed her to our vet and a breathing tube was inserted and X-rays taken. Our vet stabilized her and transported her to the vet hospital for monitoring and to determine if she would need surgery to fix the trachea tear. Her breathing tube was removed, she appeared to be breathing OK on her own, but our girl passed away a couple of hours later due to complications.

This was a painful, senseless death. I was traumatized and so heartbroken. I have relived this ever since this happened.

Why do people let their “friendly” dogs run loose? People, please keep your dogs in a fenced yard or on a leash when exposed to public access areas like sidewalks so this doesn’t happen to someone else. You never know how your dogs are going to react to other people or dogs. I wouldn’t wish this pain I’m going through on anyone.

Anita Chilson, Meridian