Letters to the Editor

Bejsovec letter: Road and health care

Once upon a time the Boise planners had their head on right and sought to expedite traffic to and through town with the use of one-way streets and timed traffic lights. Despite the dramatic increase in traffic, the new generation of planners have sought to eliminate lanes, replacing them with bike lanes in places where a bike has never been seen. Add to that, the contractors have removed more lanes from use. (In the time JUMP was in construction, five skyscrapers could have been built — talk about milking a job.) Then to make matters worse, the planning geniuses decide to do away with one-way streets and timed lights, creating chaos in an already crowded mess. Thirteenth Street north, once a good road, is unusable, as are others. Well done, you goof-offs.

A quick fix to the health care morass: Put all Americans on Congress’ health program. Why should our public servants have the only health care that works? I know. They’re there just to serve themselves, and they serve themselves quite well.

Joe Bejsovec, Boise