Letters to the Editor

Beauchamp letter: Crapo, Risch

With the firing of James Comey and the ensuing fallout, I would like to address these questions to Senators Mike Crapo and Jim Risch. How much longer are you going to remain silent? How long before you demand an independent investigation of any and all collusion between the president, his associates, Vladimir Putin and Russia? How can you sleep at night knowing every American rightly suspects the decision to fire Director Comey was part of a cover-up? How long before you take any action on behalf of your constituents and, more importantly, your country? How long are you going to defend this nightmare of a president? As senators of the 115th Congress, how will history find you to be judged, as men of courage and compassion or of treachery and indifference? Ergo, my final question: Will either of you stand up for democracy and help save our beloved America?

Janet Beauchamp, Meridian