Letters to the Editor

Peterson letter: Donald Trump

I feel sorry for the White House press secretaries. They not only have to try to spin the absurdities oozing from the boss, but are asked to perform triple axel toe loops from the pike position. Blindfolded, in swim fins, and a silly tutu.

And just when they think they’ve stuck the landing, the Tweeter-in-chief comes up with an entirely new falsehood to add to the difficulty factor.

As a liberal Democrat, I was frequently angry with the George W. administration, but at least it was a competent malevolence. I knew that grownups were in charge. They were the Empire of “Star Wars.” The Trump crew is “Spaceballs.” It could be funny stuff if they didn’t have the launch codes.

The last thing humanity may hear is, “Oops.”

Burt Peterson, Meridian