Letters to the Editor

Franzen letter: Stay away from river

For the last three months or so we have been told to stay away from the river, off the Greenbelt due to flooding. Yet each day on the news and radio I hear about people who still ride, walk and take their kids in the stroller on the Greenbelt. I see it every day by the bridge in Eagle just before Riverside Drive, a lady takes her kid in a stroller. So when, and let’s hope not, the children or pets fall in, are we suppose to be sad? Yes, for the kid or pet, and I think the adult should be charged with a crime. What about if they fall in? Will they pay for the rescue people and operation to save them? I know there are more things to do but maybe the park rangers should step things up and give tickets and more of them. In a national survey Idaho is No. 1 for the rudest, arrogant, ignorant drivers in the nation, and now the people who go near the river are added to that. Think, people. This is what happens when bike riders dictate the rules. They all think they know so much.

Jacob Franzen, Meridian