Letters to the Editor

Armstrong letter: Raul Labrador

So Raul Labrador doesn’t believe in basic health care for all and that “nobody dies because they don’t have access to health care.” Really?

Why on Earth is Idaho represented and ruled by so many with these kinds of values? Idaho is a great state ... but the representatives we choose have helped us to the near bottom of any index you can think of: lowest wages, more people per capita earning minimum wage, least spent on education, infrastructure neglected. When are they going to help their constituents instead of the hurt they dispense on issue after issue (Add the Words, the 78,000 Medicaid Gap, refusal to raise the way-too-low minimum wage, no medical marijuana, etc.).

And now Labrador wants to be our governor? Please vote for the “humanitarian” ticket.

Dick Armstrong, Boise

Note: This author is not the Richard Armstrong who is the outgoing Director of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.