Letters to the Editor

Evanson letter: BSU wrestling

It is my opinion that the decision to drop wrestling at Boise State is contrary to the mission of a state-financed learning institution. In addition to providing a learning environment their objective is to help the students build character. As a former human resource manager I hired a number of employees with a wrestling background. Their work ethic and virtues were outstanding. We hired attitude and taught skills. It was always evident that wrestling builds character; a virtue not taught in the classroom. Whatever the cost was at BSU to maintain wrestling, it would be worth it.

I believe there was an underlying factor that led to the decision to drop wrestling. It would be a worthwhile project to track the success of BSU students that had a wrestling background versus those that did not have wrestling.

I’m shocked that our elected officials have not weighed into finding a way to assist the university in maintaining the wrestling program.

Dwayne Evanson, Nampa