Letters to the Editor

Woodbury letter: Stadium proposal

Regarding the Boise stadium proposal — this is not a good proposal. This is located in an already congested area — Americana Boulevard and Shoreline Drive. Just look at the configuration pictures. There is no parking for the thousands of people who attend. There are apartments and other living facilities all around it. These people will be affected by all the noise, traffic, lights, fireworks, etc. And there are currently numerous medical facilities on the property.

There are other alternatives. 1) Use the millions of dollars to totally renovate the current Hawks stadium. 2) Bring new life and new vibrancy to the old horse track land. Do a joint venture and agreement between Boise and Garden City. Turn that whole plot of land into a grand stadium with beautiful landscaping and vendor facilities.

Both of these options are located where there is low impact on people living in the area. Both have ample parking and can accommodate really large crowds. And the surrounding areas already are accustomed to the activity.

I have to wonder if the people pushing for this have a monetary stake in the whole matter.

Cherry Woodbury, Boise