Letters to the Editor

Slinger letter: Trujillo per diem

I have been stewing about this for over a month now and, though I have tried, I can’t put it behind me. I am appalled by Rep. Janet Trujillo’s explanation of why she is entitled to the per diem of those legislators who live more than 20 miles away. She didn’t disclose that she could be living with her husband, Mike Moyle, in Star. But she did say she needed the income to maintain her household in Idaho Falls. I am retired from and worked for an Idaho state agency for 30-plus years and supervised employees who traveled more than half the year as part of their job assignments. Per diem was for meals and lodging expenses. It was never intended to take care of the home front and employees never expected that, though they certainly could have used it. Legislators are state employees also. We need to hold them to the same standard as our other state workers.

Kathleen Slinger, Boise