Letters to the Editor

Romano letter: Sex education

Idaho does not currently require sex education in any school curriculum. Title 13, Chapter 16 of Idaho legislation states that sex education is up to the church and family. Schools are only there to complement this knowledge, and the school’s focus is “helping youth acquire a background of ideals and standards and attitudes which will be of value to him now and later when he chooses a mate and establishes his own family.” The sex education in Idaho’s school system is severely lacking. Young adults are going to have sex no matter what we teach them; a school in Crane, Texas, taught abstinence-only sex education and ended up with 20-plus cases of chlamydia. We are perpetuating a stigma around sex education here and by not providing the knowledge for sexual health we create an unsafe environment for our youth. We need to implement a curriculum in our schools, one that includes the LGBTQ+ community, and in doing so we can educate Idaho’s youth and end this uninformed culture. A reminder, it is also Idaho law that parents may remove their child from any sexual education in class.

Maura Romano, Boise