Letters to the Editor

Klein letter: Gateway drugs

The myopic, narrow-minded, hypocritical decisions of governments never cease to amaze. I read recently that citizens and foreign visitors can be barred for life from entering the U.S. for admitting to past marijuana use. The government considers marijuana a “gateway drug” and its past use “a crime involving moral turpitude.”

Whether the use of marijuana is a gateway drug has been debated for decades with no clear determination. It might be, but just because a government says it is doesn’t make it so. A number of states don’t think it is a big problem and have abandoned the failed War on Drugs; and its negative consequences when it comes to marijuana.

What is surprising to me is the government seems to have no such qualms in fighting the biggest gateway drug that is causing considerable harm to communities nationwide. The most destructive gateway drug plaguing us is not marijuana, but the Oxys and morphine-derived drugs being prescribed by our doctors.

Shouldn’t governments be directing limited resources to fighting proven destructive gateway drugs, instead of fighting drugs whose potential dangers are less understood and less harmful?

Kevin Klein, Boise